About Us

Glenda and Theresa

We began by making serving trays out of wine bottles and using them at our social gatherings. People were very intrigued by them and began bringing us many different bottles, to see what we could do with them. No matter where or how we use our Melted Bottles, they get noticed.

So, you see, we just couldn't help it. This business started by accident. People want our Melted Bottles. When you get yours, you will see that it is unique and made from start to finish, personally, by one of us.

The bottles shown in our shop are the actual bottles for sale. You will receive the bottle in the picture, when you place your order. Currently our inventory includes three different styles of Melted Bottles. We make the flat bottle that is perfect for serving cheese and other various snacks, most with our very own signature handle melted into the neck, so it's easy to pick up, and surface protectors on the bottom to protect your furniture. Then there is the bottle that is melted into a dish or bowl shape and is fun for olives, peanuts, crackers and even candy or banana splits (according to our friends Jim & Kelli)! If you want to display a Melted Bottle on the wall with a decorative hook, maybe in your cocktail area, dining room or kitchen, we have one that you can hang from a little wire loop that is melted into it. I'm sure you will think of many ways to show off your one-of-a-kind Melted Bottle.

This is how some of our customers use their Melted Bottles: Flat Bottles -cheese ball, chese slices, meat slices, avocado slices, butter dish, to cut limes, spoon rest, tea bag rest, hang on the wall or display in a plate stand. Bottle Bowls -olives, crackers, nuts, dips, veggies, cigars, business cards, sugar packets, tea lights, paper clips. Keep in touch and let me know your ideas.

The little shop where we work together, is in the forest in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We live in an area rich in beauty, history and really nice people! We think it's important to be around nice people and share time with those you love, that's why we do this.

Read here to see some of our frequently asked questions. Sign up for the newsletter, so I can let you know about the events where we will be and keep you up to date with new ideas for our Melted Bottles. It would be nice to meet you sometime.


Theresa Farrar